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Reclaiming Relationship with the Sacred 


Meet Gemma 

spiritual activist, coach,  artist and community leader

I am spirit singer and story keeper.

I am finder of what has been lost, broken and fragmented.

I am the lead lady on the late night clean up crew.

I paint drippy messes, sew crooked lines and spin winding tales as a way of making straight all that has gone wrong and desperately seeks to be made right.

It is my woundedness and willingness that has led me to places where I learned that the most powerful healing is often woven from tattered shawls and earth-stained hands.



I want to invite you to join me. To walk with me for a bit. To share our stories and sing our songs.  To journey through circles and spirals, tending to our souls and keeping wisdom alive and reclaiming the Sacred.

I was warned at least once, and so you should be too. This journey of meaning-making, wisdom weaving, soul singing is not easy.

It will challenge you to surrender what you think you know, who you think you are and what you think we must do. Never to take away from you and leave you with less. Always so that you can see all that you are.

In time a part of you will recognize the life you were destined for. And perhaps before it is all over and the last song has been sung you can say it has been a true blessing in its own way to be reconnected with a life that was amazing beyond your wildest dreams and yet was so inexplicably you that you cannot deny, although you do not understand how, that it was you that dreamed it into being so very, very long ago.


You can also connect with me through social media on facebookinstagram. In addition to being a traditional Native singer, ritual specialist and author of the "Healing Her Story Oracle Deck" .


What I Specialize In

Embrace the Wisdom of your Emotions

Explore your unique blueprint
and human design

Activate  powerful wisdom inside your body
thru art & ritual

Reclaim your power thru creativity and in community 

Personal Coaching & Retreats

In  the workshop I took, Gemma strengthened my understanding of what it means to be an active participant in this unprecedented time we are living. With Gemma’s knowledge, her compassion, the stories she shared, and the guidance she gave on using the Tarot, I am able to connect the dots for this new normal in a way far different than I would have done before the workshop. Gemma is down-to-earth, professional, and compassionate, and her respect for all sentient beings set the tone for a very beneficial–and beautiful–experience. Thank you, Gemma!” 

Your way of creating sacred space with story and with ceremonial re-membering is awe inspiring. Thank you! Very real and important healings are occurring for me. I’m also grateful for your encouragement to create and express through and with art. 

- Lis

I had the pleasure to attend a Women’s Healing Circle at Sol Collective lead by Gemma Benton. Gemma is a great storyteller and spiritual healer. What I got from it was that i have the power to break the cycle of trauma in my family. Knowing this, I feel more confident. I felt so calm and balanced afterwards. Gemma’s work is being based on Native American culture but is for all women seeking healing in a safe place. I highly recommend her work! Lisa, Sacramento

art + ritual + community

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